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The Process

The steps outlined here are provided so that you can get an overall sense of how your project will proceed. Some of the steps will naturally overlap— but that's ok.

Before we get to step one, we will have discussed your project, completed a proposal that outlines the details of our work together, and both signed a contract.


If I am redoing your website, the steps are essentially the same.


If you're hiring me to do small projects, such as adding a form or creating your mobile site, the steps we take will depend on your needs. Still, we will have a proposal and contract so that we are both clear about the process.

Yes, we'll drink lots of coffee and eat treats along the way. Enjoyment of the process is half the battle.

Process List




We'll start with information gathering—everything from your goals for the new website, educating me about your business, content needed, and more, We'll discuss your marketing plan and how your website will both fit in with the plan and add to its success.

Of course, I'll answer any questions you have about how things work, what I recommend, etc. Anything to make you comfortable with the process and our collaborations together.


Content Collection &

Initial Design Considerations

This refers to any content you would like to include on your website, such as an about page, services list, products, product photos, etc. While it is not necessary to have everything together to begin, the more you have at the start of the project the better.


Design considerations include anything related to the look of your website and tools needed for visitors to use your website such as buttons or menus for navigation. For example:

Color Scheme

Logo Integration or Creation

Font Selection

Website Structure (eg. single page vs. multipage)


Design and Refine until we get it right

This includes-

We'll use the information we collected and created in the earlier stages to develop a website that serves your business well and functions properly. For example, we will:

Create or optimize visuals (select your photos or stock photos, create graphics, etc.)

Work on navigation tools (menus, buttons, etc.)

Test runs with sample customers

Add all tools such as forms, marketing templates, and more.


SEO, Accessibility, & Privacy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Accessibility are considerations we will work with throughout the design process, but everything will be refined before your website is published. We can accomplish this using the tools Wix provides with their editor.

We'll also add policies related to Accessibility and Privacy to post on your website. 








Ongoing Refinement


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