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Your business is growing.
You don't have the time or the skills to give attention to your web presence.
You know a website is a critical part of your marketing plan and success.
Sound familiar?
You've come to the right place.
Build your website here.
Grow your business here.

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Grand Opening Image Bakery

At Web Design by Dena Testa Bray

We'll build on your success to create a dynamic web presence to show off your business and demonstrate your unique talents. 


If your business is growing, and you don't have a website, we'll consider how a web presence can help you to meet new demands. If you have an older website it may be time to upgrade, and add new features to streamline your work. As an artist, an online store can increase sales of your work. Instructors can book clients seamlessly by including a booking service. All businesses can benefit from building a customer list.

Whether you choose to keep things low-key or make a splash — your website is all about the very best you have to give,  the customers and clients you serve, and simplifying your work.


My clients are amazing entrepreneurs, artists, creative business people, healthcare providers, and more. Take a  look at how they chose to present their businesses.


Let's get started on growing yours.

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  • Branding packages

  • Color and font recommendations

  • Simple graphics

  • Simple logos

  • Element animation

  • Social media banners

  • Mobile Site Customizations



  • Content  evaluation & recommendations

  • Light text editing

  • Light photo editing

  • Stock photo research

  • Graphics


Training & Support

  • Basic training to enable you to maintain your website

  • More advanced training to develop your skills and website.

  • Hourly support once your website is published.


"Dena went above and beyond to make my website everything I wanted it to be. She is a great listener, and is very dedicated to getting everything set up just the way a client wants it. I highly recommend!"

Karey B.

"Dena was great to work with. She laid out the project very clearly and executed on every element that I requested. She understood my vision for my new website and I love it!"

Brent B.

"Dena Testa Bray went above and beyond what I expected in our initial meeting and helped to solve existing problems on our website. Her communication skills and knowledge of Wix and overall knowledge of approaching problems are extensive and her professionalism is beyond reproach."

Clinton C.

"Dena responded very quickly and was able to solve my problem right away! It was easier and faster than I had even hoped for! And she was nice and communicative and pleasant to work with as well. I highly recommend her!"

Hadley King

"Dena was fantastic. Knows her stuff, and cares about her work and our success. I’d use her again in a heartbeat. Highly recommend!

Mitchell L.

"Dena Testa Bray was fabulous to work with. My own knowledge of websites and computers is so limited. She was very patient with me and often was thinking steps ahead. I would recommend Dena to anyone who wanted a quality site that reflects their organization/business

Sheila Y.


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Thank you!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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